Levin Family Mini Session

I love home photos because they are that much more special in your space. I feel honored any time someone invites me to their home to capture their beauty. This family is pretty fantastic. Sarcasm always has a place in my heart. I'm prepared for them to pick apart these photos, so bring it.

Packer-Barkley Family Mini-Session

So I lied when I said I only do individual portraits in my studio. I fit a family of 6 by some miracle. Pretty people make pretty photos. If you can't tell, they all love having their photograph taken. I'm in love with the wardrobe and their beautiful skin. I hope you enjoy them too.

The Smith Family

. . . of TEN. It was a cloudy, humid day, but these fun-loving cuties don't let that matter. Let me tell you about this adorable family who wanted to show their true colors in their first ever "professional" photoshoot. We were both first timers (8 kids don't come along often) hoping for the best, and with these good lookers, it wasn't hard to capture the cuteness, especially with their individual outfit selections. What I learned with 8 kids - you have to think fast & just go with it.

Falls Park, Greenville, SC


Cooper Family Mini Session

Just in their backyard! It was a beautiful evening and a beautiful location. It's hard for me not to stay hours on end. But alas, with children and husbands, it's a mini session for a reason. I love these people . . . and I hate to see them grow up without me!

Brother & Sister - Mission & College Bound

I love photoshoots with BEAUTIFUL people inside & out.

We did a photoshoot to represent 18 years of twin life, pre-mission & college bound.

I wish the best of times for these two lovely people. So much greatness on the horizon!