Wedding Extras

I just brought my camera to Amy & Zach's wedding and took a few candid shots of her nieces and nephews. So adorable!

Cheri & Jaren

This lovely couple grew from EFY counselors. I didn't know them, but they found me through friends of friends. They were both super sweet and I heard through the grape vine that they are now expecting. Best of luck to you both!

Megan & Jethro

I have known Megan since we were 10. We went to the same high school, but had different friends throughout those four years. However, we hooked back up in college as she was the only one I knew who was going to BYU. We are a lot alike in the sense that we are both perfectionists at heart coming from our position as the oldest child of three. Jet is so chill and easy going; they are perfect for each other and I couldn't be happier for the both of them.

Daniela - Bridals

My first and only bridals so far. I would love to do these again. Daniela was my first model even before the engagement and we stuck it through till the wedding. She kept saying she was bothered by her hair bump, but I think she is beautiful. These were taken up near Sundance.

Whitney & Jon

Whitney & Jon were part of the trio of happily dating folks I knew. They were not yet hitched, but wanted some fun loving pictures of their courtship. Now, I am happy to inform you that they are married. All is well that ends well, or is marriage only the beginning? Right... to be continued...

Kelli and Archie - Portraits

Kelli Livingston (just recently married) and Archie Rose (basketball player for BYU) modeled for me up Rock Canyon. They had an opposite theme they were trying to work. She was trying a rendition off the punk/goth style, while he was trying to pull the nerd/jock look. Did they pull it off?

Kelli - Portraits

Kelli had this crazy Halloween costume that she wanted some portraits in. We headed up Rock Canyon and got a couple awesome shots in. Top Model material?

Kim and David - engagements

I love Kim and David! I really did enjoy working with them even though it was a very cold day. I don't even remember what month this was, but it was sometime after Christmas in Utah and cold as ever! Kim was shivering the entire time and my fingers were numb, but we were tough and you cannot even tell. Enjoy!

The Larsen Family

This winter family shoot was so much fun! My friend, Genevieve, wanted her sister to have some family/newborn photos as a Christmas gift. I always love shooting babies, even though it's challenging. Mom came prepared and when baby smiled or was a least not crying - we were on it. How lucky this new little family is!

Ashley and Addison - Los Angeles Wedding

Ashley was my roommate my senior year at BYU, but I actually knew Addison before she moved in. Suzanne gets all the credit for putting these two together, but I get credit for all the late night chats of wondering about whether or not this was the one. As I get ready to take off back east, they decide to take the plunge! I love them both and was honored to be there to celebrate this time in their life. Their family was more than inviting and of course I just enjoyed my chance to play with the kiddies and visit the Los Angeles Temple!

The Bride's parents