Callie & Ian - Florida Wedding

"He's more myself than I am.
Whatever our souls are made of,
his and mine are the same."
- Emily Bronte

I traveled to Jacksonville, FL - the town I grew up in - for my first southern wedding. Not that it was anything really southern, outside of the heat. Callie and Ian tied the knot July 23, 2011 in St. Augustine, FL at St. Francis Barracks, and I was honored to be their photographer. They are high school sweethearts made for each other and I am excited for them both to take this next step in their lives.

Megan Johnston

“Beauty, without expression, tires.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Carmel & Ryan

Carmel was one of my first roommates here in DC, and although it only lasted two months, she was really the first friendly welcome I received. She was dating Ryan at the time and two seasons later they are happily engaged. She is a school teacher and both of them love books so we met up in a cute bookstore off K street. I am so excited for them both and wish them a wonderful October wedding!