Baby Leo - 5 Months

 I'm so lucky . . . I got to play with this little man who is an angel! And so so adorable.
It is wonderful to catch up with old friends and meet their little people.

This picture is brighter in real life . . . the coloring didn't upload correctly for some reason . . .


S & R Engagements

I haven't totally given up on photography for the year and thank goodness because look at this photogenic couple! I am honored every time someone invites me in on their story. I haven't done new love in awhile, but I'm grateful to be back in UT because I forget how much I love engagements. And these turned out fantastic even though Fall is gone and Winter hasn't quite arrived yet. It was too hard to pick just a few, so I didn't . . . Hopefully we will see more from this couple in the months ahead. 

Congrats Sarah & Robert! 

Location: Downtown Provo & Utah Lake State Park

The Boyle Family

So we are back in Utah! as crazy as that still sounds. These are some old old family friends, just kidding. But my husband and her husband do go way back. And their 1 month son is  a d o r a b l e
I wanted them to have some nice family photos although I know it's torture for them as much as my husband. I think we got a couple good ones right before sunset.


Levin Family Mini Session

I love home photos because they are that much more special in your space. I feel honored any time someone invites me to their home to capture their beauty. This family is pretty fantastic. Sarcasm always has a place in my heart. I'm prepared for them to pick apart these photos, so bring it.