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Baby Colter

Nathan & Sarah are so excited to welcome Colter into their family. The oldest child is the best! Mom and Dad get to go through everything for the first time with him - and what an experience! I was so lucky to capture this beautiful couple and their beautiful baby boy. I love black and white photography for newborns and I couldn't just pick a few. Enjoy!!

guitar fingers

Jim & Audrey - Just Us Two

Who knew June in southern Virginia could be so hot without air-conditioning! No matter what the circumstances - an enormous storm blowing in the previous night knocking down trees & power or record high temperatures - Jim and Audrey will endure it well.  I have always admired Audrey's ability to carry stress with a laugh and Jim of course is always right by her side encouraging the laughter. As a previous co-worker with Audrey, I have known her for quite some time. I know I wouldn't have been so calm and light-hearted in the same circumstances. It may have been a rough start for these two, but you couldn't see it on their faces. They were totally wrapped up in each other and the day was so enjoyable and entertaining. These two are truly meant for each other. Their family and friends had the same joyful and good-hearted demeanor so you better believe it was a time of celebration and in a beautiful setting I might add! 

Rock on Mr & Mrs Rudick

<more pictures of the actual wedding events/details to come>

Megan Johnston is a Babe

I love this girl for just being my model and letting me experiment with a photoshoot in what was once my backyard. These photographs were taken about a year ago of my dear friend Megan Johnston who is a stunner. Just take a look. She probably got so many bug bites just for me and these stunna photos. There are so many more too!