Bowman Family

Does this couple look familiar??

I got to meet her amazing extended family! I love this little MOA spot that always gives us that evening glow. It can always be a challenge to gauge when children will be happy & for how long, but these adorable kiddos did great! And they even got their adult friends to relax a little too =)

Well, perhaps some of us got a little carried away during the group photo & since it reminds me oddly enough of my child & character... I'm posting this one!



Beaumont Family

No little kids running around at this shoot! Who knew kids grew up so fast... This is a great sarcastic bunch who LOVE to smile... as soon as I say be serious =) I thought this was a lovely session. I love the creek they have running south of BYU campus now.

Spiel Family

I snuck over REAL quick to take a few photos for this family whose daughter ended up in the NICU for a couple weeks after learning she suffered a stroke inside the womb. Any parent can imagine the stress added instantly in the moment you hear something like that along with the already chaotic first few weeks of life...since I got sick & couldn't deliver the planned meal... I had to make up for it...what a lucky little girl to have awesome parents!!


Johnson Wedding

A little wedding got added to my list in April. This sweet couple went through the Provo City Center Temple together and although a drizzly day, the Spring flowers were out and it was still beautiful.


Higham Family

I was there in the beginning with these two! I took their wedding photos... I took their first son's photos...and now I get to enjoy their little girl! This lady was an awesome roommate and I'm so glad I can still call her a friend! WHO has amazing style and two AMAZING kids.


Lillie Family

I'm a little behind on the like a year... but no time like the present to keep things fresh!

And why not start out with this cute little family I took photos of last year... This single mom and her kids are amazing!