The Lung Family

The twins are coming!
the Lung family is about to have their hands full - with two little girls! Mr Sam is going to be the best big brother. Mrs. Lung had the cutest idea for the theme - little birdy. I don't just get in a tree for anyone...

Ms Hailey

I love Ms Hailey's beautiful big blue eyes & eyelashes. She is too cute!
and a wild woman exploring the world with her best friend.

Mr Charlie

So it takes a lot of muscle following two 18 month olds around! My leg muscles were feeling it after this shoot. My time will come, but maybe I'm glad my 7 week old is just working my arms.

Charlie is the cutest little man who loves his mama! I'm glad we could get some shots to surprise dad for Father's Day. I mean look at these, he is a ladies man!

(and it turns out he already has himself a lady)

Coming Soon . . . Toddlers

Family Portraits - The Carlsons

The Carlsons are moving! 
But let's get some family shots in the backyard to remember...
we sure will miss them!