K&P Engagements

I love this young lady and although I felt old for the first time (as if I were taking shots of my own daughter), I'm so excited she found someone to spend forever with. It's fun to see two of my worlds come together (NC to UT). It's never really goodbye, but "until we meet again."

It's such an exciting time that I love being part of the "new love" feeling. So much adventure awaits these two and you can just feel how excited and ready they are to face it head on. Cheers to you both!





R&J Reception

Here are a few quick shots to wrap of the party . . . which seriously involved THE BEST cake ever inside & out.

R&J Wedding Ceremony & Portraits

It is so hard to choose -I still chose 30 photos- and I haven't even gotten to the reception party! It was simply beautiful that I feel guilty leaving out a million other detailed shots. Although an overcast and rainy day prevented us from wandering far from the venue, it was still STUNNING. Happy people make beautiful photos. I laugh, I cried and I seriously had the best cake that I've ever tasted.