A Gathro Wedding - Orlando Florida

What a crazy week! I felt so honored to be asked down to Florida for a wedding for a family I love so dearly. I took many many photos - it's hard to keep the sneak peak down to a minimum! So here is the couple on their wedding day at the Orlando temple. Let me tell you, prayers were answered 10 minutes before the couple exited and the thunder and rain came to a halt. It picked back up in a little drizzle, but anyone from Florida knows this was a lucky July 12 PM moment. I mean I guess I could photoshop in some prettier clouds, but I just don't want anyone forgetting the miracle. We just tried to stay off the grass.

I really do love this temple photo. I mean, it's perfect.


  1. While you were gone I couldn't wait to see these! So glad you posted them so soon after getting home! So amazing!!!

  2. These tell such a beautiful story. So incredibly sweet. I'm so happy for these two good people.