The Havealeta Wedding - Part I

So these photos landed in my lap. I'm stunned because they are stunning and I'm not even sure I can take half the credit. I want to share more about my thoughts from this day. I mean these photos explain half of it, I haven't even gotten to the reception. I didn't know this couple when we first met. I only spent a couple hours with them before they were married. But after spending all wedding afternoon with them and their loved ones, I feel like I can state a few credible words. This couple is amazing. I don't know a lot of their story, but you can just feel it. You can see it. They are best friends, but they also have a relationship that extends outward to all those whose lives they touch. These are the types of people that you want to be around because they are that friendly, loving and full of life. And they are either attracted to those kind of people or they bring it out in others, because I met some wonderful friends and family members. But don't let these pictures fool you, this was the largest wedding party I have ever been around. More of that to come . . . enjoy (I know I did).


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