Katelyn & Josh Engagements

This was a perfect day. It was risky going up the canyon and meeting up with someone when you don't have service and we almost missed each other! In fact we did, but in the end it worked out and I'm SO happy it did. Look at this lovely location, with this lovely lighting, with this lovely couple... And I'll have you know the groom-to-be enjoyed taking photos when all was said and done; wait does this mean the bridal session will be even more enjoyable!? It's hard to top this, but I love couples because there is so much personality and love-ness to express that I ALWAYS take as much sunlight and smiles that I can get. 

A session isn't always about "which one will we send out" - for this session I felt like I had to post some of the other nontraditional "just because we're beautiful people in a beautiful place with so much love I can't stop staring" photos as well. Overload, you could say.

I can't wait to get to know them more and capture their big day - exciting times ahead!

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